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Monkey Business

Just about everyone enjoys watching the antics of monkeys and apes. Whether they are swinging from a branch, eating some fruit, or stretched out for a snooze in the sun, these creatures often bring smiles to people’s faces. Why do you think that is? Do you think it’s because they sort of look like us? Some scientists say that humans came from ape-like creatures, that apes are our ancestors. Join us for Monkey Business, and discover the truth about humans and apes.

Some scientists teach stories about so-called “ape men” as if they truly existed and are links that connect humans to supposed ape-like ancestors. Don’t believe it! When we look at what the Bible says about the first man and woman, we discover an entirely different account. Since the Bible is God’s word, it can be completely trusted. It is a totally accurate history book, so we can look to it to tell us how humans came to exist. When you read the Bible you discover that Adam and Eve, the first humans, were specially created by God, in His own image. There are no apes in our family tree.

Plan to attend Monkey Business and learn about so-called “ape men” like Lucy, Neanderthals, and Nebraska Man. Discover that they are either fully ape or fully human, but certainly not “ape men.” Sharpen your observational skills so you can notice five differences between an ape skull and a human skull. Learn to think for yourself so you don’t get swept up in the strongly voiced ideas of evolution that will most certainly challenge you in the next few years.

Private Programs

Private workshops can be booked for groups (subject to availability). The minimum group size is 35 paid participants (not including free adult observers) and the maximum is 40 participants. Maximum total group size is 80. To book your private event, please email our programs team or call 888-582-4253 ext. 229.

Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter: Ruth Carter grew up in Africa where her parents were missionaries. She and her husband coordinate the volunteer program at the Creation Museum.

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