Rocks and Minerals for Kids

At the Mining Company Sluice, adults and kids of all ages will enjoy an interactive gem-panning experience. The Bible tells us God created the earth in six days, and we see evidence of a young earth and global Flood in rocks and minerals.


Pan for Gemstones

Discover rocks and minerals from around the world as the flowing water uncovers the shining gemstones. This interactive experience was designed by creation scientist John Whitmore, PhD, professor of geology at Cedarville University.

Identify Rocks and Minerals

You can classify the gemstones, rocks, and minerals in your bag, using a kid-friendly identification chart. Which types of rocks will you go home with?

Sluice Hours

The sluice is generally open May thru September, with additional days subject to attendance and weather. The sluice’s operation is weather permitting.

Sluice Minerals


  1. Paydirt: $8.00
  2. Fossil Find: $8.00
  3. Mother Lode: $30.00
  4. Mega Strike: $55.00

* All prices include 6% KY sales tax.

Dates and Times

March 23, 2024


March 28, 2024


March 29, 2024


March 30, 2024