Creation and Science

Creationists love science! In fact, the word science means “knowledge.” We invite you to dive into the Bible and the scientific evidence with us to gather as much knowledge about God’s creation as you can. You’ll learn about the different types of science and discover facts and logical arguments you might have never considered. When you start with the Bible as your ultimate authority, you’re ready to discover creation science.

Creation Scientists

Real Creation Scientists

Did you know the Creation Museum employs PhD creation scientists who teach about anatomy, astronomy, biology, geology, and more from a biblical worldview? Jump into creation science at a workshop or special event.

Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium

Creepy Crawlies

We hope you don’t get the creeps when you walk through Dr. Crawley’s insectorium! You’ll be transferred into these bugs’ secret world of staggering beauty, ceaseless variety, and spectacular weirdness.

Meet Lucy the Ape

Lucy is often the center of debate between evolutionary scientists and creation scientists who seek an answer to life’s biggest questions: “Where did humans come from and why are we here?” Many secular scientists can present the Lucy specimen as an ape-man, the missing link between apes and humans. But what do Lucy’s bones really tell us?


Go Stargazing

Come explore the stars, planets, and galaxy from a biblical perspective, and see how the remarkable universe declares the glory of God and confirms the creation account in Genesis. Learn from talented creation scientist Dr. Danny Faulkner at one of our observatory programs or in the Stargazer’s Planetarium.

Mining Sluice

Play with Rocks and Minerals

Be ready to get your hands dirty when you pick up a bag of buried treasure and pan for rocks and minerals in our very own mining sluice. You’ll get to practice your own geology and identify the rocks, minerals, and gems you uncover while the water rushes by.

Get Equipped to Do Creation Science

Is natural selection the same thing as evolution? Do Darwin’s finches show molecules-to-man evolution is true? What does the Bible say that relates to rock layers, carbon dating, canyon formation, and dinosaurs? Get answers to your questions about science and the Bible at the Creation Museum and leave ready to defend the Christian faith.