Shoo Fly: Forensic Entomology

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So God created . . . every living creature that moves . . . according to their kinds. (Genesis 1:21)

Have you ever considered a fly as an amazing creation? Have you ever wondered how flies play an important role in criminal investigation? God created all things for a specific purpose—including flies! It is likely that God designed these amazing flying creatures with beauty and complexity on Day Five of the Creation Week. The study of insects, or entomology, is a fascinating discipline of forensic science. In this hands-on workshop, you will discover how the life cycle of insects is a key component to a forensic investigation and also learn how the history of forensic entomology dates back to the 1200s. Additionally, participants will engage in simulated case studies with forensic insect evidence. You may think twice before you shoo the next fly away.

Join us as we take a first-hand look at forensic entomology through hands-on cases.

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Dr. Jennifer Hall Rivera: Dr. Jennifer Rivera (EdD) is the Director of Educational Programs for Answers in Genesis.

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Dates and Times

Aug. 22, 2024