Creation to the Cross

What Does This Have to Do with Me?

As you walk through the Creation Museum, you’ll become acquainted with the idea of the “7 C’s of History.” This is a simple and memorable way to show the big events that have affected (and will affect) the earth and universe: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.

Heaven on Earth

As you enter the tranquil Garden of Eden, you’ll learn that God created a perfect universe, free from any death or suffering. He gave the first two people, Adam and Eve, a command not to eat of a certain tree. If they chose to rebel and disobey, the just punishment for sin was death.

Perfection Is Lost

Adam and Eve made a choice. In a prideful effort to be like God, they ate from the forbidden tree. Instantly there was a change. The couple was ashamed of their nakedness, and their perfect relationship with God was severed. Creation was no longer perfect; death and suffering were now foreign intruders because of man’s sin.

A Covering for Sin

The first death was that of an animal God killed to make coats of skin to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness. This sacrifice could cover their nakedness, but it couldn’t take away their sin. It was only a foreshadowing of another sacrifice that was to come.

Sin Increases and God Intervenes

Mankind continued to increase in wickedness until every thought was only evil all the time. Because sin must be judged, God sent a worldwide Flood as a punishment for their intense wickedness. Only righteous Noah and his family were saved. This Flood showed the seriousness of sin and the mercy of the Creator who will save those who obey Him. The Flood was a foreshadowing of a judgment and salvation to come.

Mankind Continues to Rebel

Noah’s descendants did not serve and obey the Lord, but humanity, yet again, rebelled against God. Instead of spreading around the earth as the Lord had commanded, they gathered in one place to build a city and tower. So God divided their languages, forcing them to scatter over the earth. Though there are many people and language groups today because of these events, every person is a descendant of Adam and Eve.

The Promised Sacrifice Arrives

The history of the Old Testament, the first half of the Bible, pointed toward a coming sacrifice to pay the penalty for mankind’s sin. The Creator of the universe, Jesus Christ, the God-man, was born of a young virgin and humbly laid to sleep in a manger. The Sacrifice had arrived.

A Perfect Sacrifice

Mankind had shown over and over again that we are incapable of keeping God’s laws. But Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, did what mankind could never do; He perfectly obeyed God. He alone did not deserve death; death is the penalty for sin, but He had no sin.

Our Penalty is Paid

But the Creator loved us so much that He willingly chose to take our penalty—death—upon Himself. Jesus carried our sin when He died on the Cross. Before He died He cried out, “It is finished.” The debt we could never pay has been paid by the perfect Sacrifice, Jesus Christ.

The Free Gift

Jesus didn’t stay dead. He rose from the grave, conquering death. Now He offers eternal life to all who will turn from their sin and trust in Him and in what He has done for them by dying and rising again. We cannot earn eternal life and salvation because our sin deserves death, and no amount of good deeds or church attendance can cover sin. We need the free gift offered by Jesus Christ who paid our debt.

A Coming Judgment

Another judgment on sinful mankind is coming, this time not by water but by fire. But God has provided a way of salvation from this judgment by the sacrifice of Jesus. Trust in Jesus and in what He has done for you.

A Coming Paradise

God is preparing a new heavens and a new earth that will be free from the effects of sin. There will be no more death or suffering in His new creation. Those who have trusted in Christ and in what He did for them will be free from God’s judgment and will enjoy paradise for all of eternity.

The Choice Is Yours

Have you chosen to put your faith and trust in Jesus and in what He has done for you? If not, what is stopping you? Do so today. Simply turn from your sin and rebellion against God, believe in what Jesus did on the Cross and through His Resurrection, and you will be saved. Then live for Him as you await the coming new heavens and new earth.