Plants of the Bible, Do They Still Exist?

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Every word of God proves true. (Proverbs 30:5)

Have you ever wondered if plants mentioned in the Bible are in your garden today? Do any plants mentioned in the Bible even still exist? God’s Word is a clear and discernible guide for all that we do and all that we observe in creation. Join Dale Spada, Curator and plant enthusiast, for a look at what God’s Word says about the plants we are growing at the Creation Museum.

This Discover presentation provides a clear and simple connection between modern plants and the plants recorded in the Bible. Dale adds interesting and historical facts that are sure to intrigue you. Come celebrate God’s providence and creativity with “Plants of the Bible.”

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Dale Spada: Dale Spada serves as the Curator of the Botanical Gardens for the Creation Museum. He also works in horticultural education as a presenter and editor.

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Dates and Times

Aug. 5, 2024


Aug. 8, 2024