Dinosaurs and Dragons

What if dinosaurs didn’t live more than 65 million years ago, and dragons weren’t just fiery fictional creatures found only in fairy tales? Get ready to challenge your preconceptions, and learn what the Bible has to teach us about the existence of dinosaurs and dragons.

Dragon Illustration

Dragons in History

Dragons were considered real creatures until relatively recently. They appear in oral stories, art, and literature from cultures around the world and some historians even describe them.

Dinosaur Bones

Encounter Life-Size Dinosaur Bones

Creationists love dinosaurs and dinosaur bones because they confirm the truth of the Bible. Touch a real dinosaur fossil, investigate dragon legends from around the world, and hunt for dinosaur bones at the Creation Museum.

Facing the Allosaurus

Come visit Ebenezer, a full-size Allosaurus skeleton with what is believed to be one of the six or seven best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever discovered.

Humans with Dinosaurs

Humans and Dinosaurs

The Bible says God created the earth in six days and that humans and land-dwelling animals were made on the same day (Day Six). But do science and logic really affirm that humans and dinosaurs could have lived at the same time? Come see the biblical and scientific evidence that humans and dinosaurs once roamed the earth together only a few thousand years ago.

Dinosaur Den

The Dinosaur Den

Encounter life-size sculptures of many varieties of dinosaurs at the Creation Museum. From the little raptor to the big, scary T. rex, you’ll be amazed to learn all kinds of facts about these incredible creatures. Plus, find out why we don’t see the word dinosaur in the Bible and whether dinosaurs really evolved into birds.

Investigate Dragon Legends

What is a dragon, anyway, and could we even imagine that dragons might actually be real? Why do we find dragon legends in literature from all over the world? Does the Bible have anything to say about dragons? Find out more about dinosaurs and dragons at the Creation Museum.