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Frequently Asked Questions

These common questions are answered on our website:

In addition, please see the helpful tips below for specific information about amenities, accessibility accommodations, and guest safety.

For Your Convenience

Below are some of the amenities at the Creation Museum, as well as other information to help you make the most of your visit. Our Guest Services team is ready to assist you with any needs during your visit. The Guest Services Information Center is located in the Portico, near the building’s main entrance.


An ATM is located in the Portico just inside the front entrance. Ticketing, food venues, and the bookstore accept all major credit cards.

Climate Control

The Creation Museum is equipped with both air conditioning and heating units to keep the temperature comfortable for our guests.

Combo Ticket Options

Are you interested in visiting both the Creation Museum and our sister attraction, the Ark Encounter? A combo ticket gives you one-day pass to the Creation Museum and a one-day pass to the Ark Encounter.

Family Restroom

A family restroom is available on the museum’s lower level. A nursing mother’s room is also available on a limited basis (please contact a Guest Services staff member for more information). Changing tables are available in both men’s and women’s restrooms throughout the facility and grounds.

Food Services

The Creation Museum’s restaurants feature a variety of delicious food offerings, including options for special needs. If you would like to investigate nutrition or ingredient listings, ask a food services supervisor about different menu options when you arrive. If you would like detailed information before your visit, please contact us at least a week before your arrival.

Lodging Options

The Creation Museum is located just a brief drive away from dozens of lodging options. Find the best hotels in the tri-state area.

Motor Coach Parking

Parking is available for RVs and motor coaches during your visit. Overnight parking is not offered.


Parking is $15 for standard vehicles or $20 for oversized vehicles and paid upon entry. Ark Encounter Charter Boarding Passes and Creation Museum lifetime memberships include free parking.


Pets are not permitted in the Creation Museum. All service animals are freely admitted. See more information below on service animals. “Comfort,” “therapy,” or “emotional support” animals do not meet the definition of a service animal and are not permitted. Please do not leave pets or service animals in an unattended vehicle for any amount of time. You may wish to find a local pet resort to house your pet for the day (see Pet Accomodations below).


Guests are welcome to photograph and record all museum exhibits except for theater and video presentations. Flash photography is not permitted in Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium. DVD versions of most of our videos are available for purchase in our online store or the on-site bookstore.

Planning your visit

Many people ask how much time to allow for a visit to the Creation Museum and all that it has to offer. You can easily spend at least a whole day visiting the exhibits and its zoo, catching a concert, a guest speaker, a workshop, and enjoying a meal.


Your admission ticket is valid for same-day reentry at the Creation Museum. If you choose to leave the grounds, be sure to keep your dated ticket to show upon your return.

Strollers and Wheelchairs

The Museum is wheelchair and stroller friendly. You may bring your own, or Guest Services offers both strollers and wheelchairs for the convenience of all visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to limited space, only single and inline double strollers are allowed inside the museum.

Single strollers are available for a $10 fee. Manual wheelchairs are available for a $12 fee, and a limited number of Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) are available for a $38 fee. ECVs are available from Guest Services on arrival at the Creation Museum. Rental fees include sales tax and are non-refundable.

Accessibility Accommodations

The Creation Museum desires to provide excellent access to each of our guests. If you have questions during your visit, please speak to our Guest Services team—they will be happy to assist you! Please also reference our Accessibility Map on the Museum Maps Page for additional helpful information.

Service Animals

All service animals are freely admitted to the Creation Museum. A service animal relief area is located on-site in the Botanical Gardens. See our Accessibility Map for the location. Please note that “comfort,” “therapy,” and “emotional support” animals do not meet the definition of a service animal and are not permitted. Additionally, pets are not permitted in the museum.

Dietary Accommodations

The Creation Museum seeks to accommodate the dietary needs of our guests. Please visit our Allergen Friendly Information pages to assist you with your visit!

Hearing Accommodations


Our streaming service, Answers.TV, is a wonderful resource with hundreds of captioned options!

ASL Interpreter for Live Programs

To plan your visit on a day when interpreters are available, email to receive a list of dates.

Deaf Days

During our annual Deaf Days event, ASL interpreters and Deaf volunteers are available throughout the museum to answer questions, assist with ticket purchases, interpret the shows and lectures and more!


The Creation Museum exhibits are very visual and as you walk through them, you will find many video screens with open-captioned, short, educational videos. Much of the audio content in the museum is available visually in the exhibits.


The AnswersBookstore lists a variety of DVDs with captioning and subtitles.


Closed captioning is available upon request for all Stargazer Planetarium shows. Simply ask when purchasing Planetarium tickets. Closed captioning is also available upon request for The Last Adam show, and there are closed captioning devices available at the 4D Theater as well.

Mobility Accommodations

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens feature a paved nature trail that is a mile in length including five bridges and a boardwalk. Please reference the Accessibility Map for more information on bridge accessibility.

Eden Animal Experience

With the exception of the center interactive pen (which has a sand surface), all of the zoo’s pens are fully viewable via paved trails.


Ramps are located at every entrance and exit door to the Creation Museum. The first entrance features an automatic door.

Exhibit Access

Virtually every exhibit (except the "Dino Den") is wheelchair accessible. A series of gradual ramps take visitors through the Creation Museum’s main exhibits. This one-way path passes through all of the Walk-Through Biblical History and ends on the lower level, where you can bring an elevator back to the main level.


We have many accessible parking spaces available in our main parking lot. If you need assistance finding an available space, alert the individual directing traffic.


All restrooms throughout the facility and grounds are accessible. Wheelchair accessible water fountains are also available near the main interior restrooms.

Theater Access

All theaters are accessible—the Special Effects Theater and the Planetarium include wheelchair locations and companion seats. See a theater attendant for more information about reserving these spaces.

Sensory Accommodations

Crowds and Sensory Overload

The Creation Museum serves thousands of guests each day. Crowds can be congested in the Walk Through History. Take a break at any time from the exhibits via an emergency exit (a stairwell back to the first level) located on the right where the Corruption exhibits begin and just after the Creation, Garden of Eden ends. (See map.) The expansive grounds and gardens, the Eden Animal Experience Zoo, and the playground can be great ways to relax farther away from other guests. There are also short cuts in the Walk Through, including one early on to bypass the Biblical Authority room if it is congested. This option is a two-way door located directly beside the Lucy hologram in the Starting Points room. Additionally, there is a bypass on the right in the 3 C’s room (Christ, Cross, and Consummation area) to avoid Legacy Hall auditorium crowds. This option will take you to the next exhibit called Borderlands. Reentrance to the exhibits can be done at any time during your visit.

You can also plan to arrive at the Creation Museum an hour after opening time to avoid the morning rush, as well as choose to visit the grounds, zoo, and playground first or catch a morning program (found on your daily schedule), as most guests will begin with the Walk Through exhibits. If you purchase a meal while on-site, try to go before noon or in the early afternoon to avoid lunch crowds.

Exhibit Information

The Creation Museum exhibits are a visual experience with many signs, videos, and displays.

Immediately upon entrance to the Walk Through exhibits, there is a theater that can be crowded and includes loud audio. This video is about one minute in length and can be skipped or simply returned to later.

The next room is the Starting Points room and includes various video displays on the walls. Please note that there is substantial audio stimulation in this room from the different videos playing around you.

Additionally, the first Corruption exhibit halfway through the Walk Through includes some mild flashing lights and flashing pictures on the walls, depicting the brokenness of this world after sin entered. This exhibit can be passed through quickly if needed.

Note that while we encourage guests to move through the Walk Through in one direction (and you can reenter at your convenience), it is acceptable to go to the end and work your way backward if needed to see an exhibit you bypassed earlier in the day.

See more information in our Accessibility Map.

Sensory Kits, Noise-Reducing Earmuffs and Earplugs

For guests with sensory sensitivities, complimentary sensory kits, as well as noise-reducing earmuffs and earplugs, are available and can be accessed at Admissions upon arrival and the Guest Services desk inside the Main Hall of the museum. Simply provide the museum team with your name and phone number to utilize these options during your visit. All items can be returned to the Guest Services Desk before your departure.

(Note: Reservation of these options is not necessary.)

4D Special Effects Theater

The Special Effects Theater consists of two separate shows typically playing throughout the day: In Six Days—a 22-minute presentation on the first six days of the original creation and Encounter the Wonder—an 11-minute presentation of the gospel message woven throughout all of Scripture, beginning with Genesis. The shows include 4D effects such as rumbling and shaking seats, loud audio, and puffs of air.

Additionally, strobe lights are used in these presentations. In Six Days and Encounter the Wonder contain a sequence of flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities.

Visual Accommodations


Millions of people have toured the Creation Museum—now you can learn from the one-of-a-kind displays and exhibits in this brand-new production featuring a walk-through with filmmaker Peter Schriemer.

Beginning with a brief welcome from Answers in Genesis and Creation Museum founder Ken Ham, this documentary “tour” overflows with faith and strengthening commentary about the amazing features found throughout the museum and grounds. Hear the inside story about the exquisitely handcrafted Tree of Life and take a chronological walk through history, including the worldwide flood of Noah’s day and the amazing geological and climate changes that followed. Like never before, you will understand sin’s effect on our world as the events of the garden of Eden and Noah’s flood are described. And you will look forward to the soon-coming consummation of this part of eternity.

Learn about the 80-seat planetarium, 200-seat special effects theater, a full-scale section of our life-size Noah’s Ark, the beautifully landscaped museum grounds, the delightful petting zoo, and so much more!

If you are listening while walking through the Creation Museum, don't forget to bring a pair of earbuds or headphones!


Restrooms and elevators are marked in Braille to assist with finding your way in the museum.

Tactile Experiences

Tactile experiences are approximately one hour in length and include interaction with assorted items from the Museum exhibits as well as with live animals from the Eden Animal Experience. Reserve your spot at least two weeks before your visit to ensure availability!

Public Safety

First Aid

Contact any staff member in an emergency or non-emergency situation. Basic first aid services are available from the Public Safety Department (located on the main level in the hallway adjacent to the Special Effects Theater).

Garden Trails

There are times that the garden trails will need to be closed down for weather safety reasons. The Public Safety Department will determine what those times are. All possible measures will be taken to inform guests of such times.

Guiding in the Museum

Many of our guests, including museum members, like to give personal tours through the museum. As you provide this service for your party (and we appreciate your enthusiasm for the museum), please be cognizant that you could be a distraction to other guests around you. Also, you may create a traffic flow problem. We request that you please be courteous of other guests around you. Thank you.

K-9 Officers

The Creation Museum does have K-9 officers. Please note that these are working dogs and we ask that you not approach them to pet them or talk to them. Their focus cannot be diverted from their job.

Lost and Found

If you believe you may have left something at the Creation Museum, please contact (859) 727-2222 ext. 222. We’ll do our best to track it down for you. If we find it, we’ll contact you for info regarding pickup or shipping.

Parents with Young Children

Parents, please keep your eye on young children. Please pay attention to signage on such exhibits. We do have special hands-on exhibits that children can touch all they want. If your child is missing, please notify the nearest museum staff member. Our Public Safety Officers are trained in Code Adam.

Vehicle Assist

Basic vehicle assistance is available, from jump-starting to unlocking vehicles. Contact any staff member or Public Safety Officer if you need vehicle assistance.

Attraction Rules

To ensure a safe and secure environment for our guests, please observe and respect these rules when visiting the Creation Museum.

Purchasing Your Tickets

Find your answers below! Fill out our contact form below for additional information.


Our general admission and combo tickets are not date specific and are valid for one year from the date of purchase. No reservations are required to visit because there is plenty of room both inside and outside. Even on our largest attendance day ever, we were still well below one-third of our capacity!

Combo Tickets

Save with the combo ticket, which is valid for one day at the Creation Museum and one day at the Ark Encounter within a 7-day window. Parking is not included.

3-Day Bouncer Pass

Need more time? The 3-Day Bouncer passes are valid for three days of unlimited visits to both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter within a seven-day period. The three days do not have to be consecutive. Discounted parking is also available with the purchase of the 3-Day Bouncer Pass and offered during the purchasing process online.

Print at Home

Your tickets will be delivered as a pdf attachment to your confirmation email and can be printed or scanned from your smart device.

Free Child Tickets

Kids (5–10) are free in 2024! Only one adult or senior ticket needs to be purchased for all child tickets in your party to be free. Tickets are required for admission, so visit the General Admission or Combo section to reserve free child tickets for those in your party.

Technical Difficulties

At times the online ticketing store will not function well with certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing technical difficulties purchasing tickets online, try switching to another browser or wait a few minutes, refresh the page, and try again.

Still Need Help?

Fill out our contact form for additional information, or call our guest services department at (888) 582-4253.