Forensic DNA Fingerprinting

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God . . . gives life to all things. (1 Timothy 6:13)

Have you ever wondered about forensic DNA profiling? Would you like to learn the basics of human chromosomes, genes, and DNA? In the beginning, God encoded information into the DNA of all living things. This information provides the instructions on what living things will look like and how they will grow and reproduce. The information within DNA is species specific, allowing parents to pass on their genetic information to their offspring. This is why DNA can be used to create a unique profile or “fingerprint” of one individual. The complex language of DNA points toward the Creator God.

Join us as we explore the complexity of DNA and participate in simulated forensic DNA fingerprinting. Can you solve the crime, “Who ate the cheese?”

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Dr. Jennifer Hall Rivera: Dr. Jennifer Rivera (EdD) is the Director of Educational Programs for Answers in Genesis.

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