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The state-of-the-art Creation Museum allows you to venture through biblical history, stunning exhibits, botanical gardens, planetarium, zoo, zip line adventure course, and much more. This 75,000-square-foot facility has welcomed millions of guests since opening in Petersburg, Kentucky.

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The Creation Museum shows why God´s infallible Word, rather than man´s faulty assumptions, is the place to begin if we want to make sense of our world.

This 75,000-square-foot facility allows families to experience earth history as God has revealed it in the Bible. Nearly 150 exhibits feature fearsome animatronic dinosaurs, talking heroes of the faith, and professional displays that honor God´s Word. The museum also boasts a fun-filled, 200-seat special effects theater, a state-of-the-art planetarium, a Children’s Zoo, nature trails, and lots more.

At the heart of the Creation Museum is a chronological retelling of biblical history in seven parts called the Seven C´s. Guests step back in time, beginning with Creation, and fast-forward to Christ´s return. Along the way, they see how God´s Word provides the big-picture answers for our most difficult questions, whether about science, the Bible, or our personal relationship with God.

The Creation Museum is a Christian evangelistic outreach of Answers in Genesis, as is our sister attraction, the Ark Encounter. Located 40 miles from the museum in Williamstown, Kentucky, the Ark Encounter brings to life the Ark of Noah’s day and equips visitors to understand the reality of the events recorded in the book of Genesis.

New Exhibit! Borderland: Israel in the Time of Jesus

A new exhibit about Israel during the time of Jesus is now open at the Creation Museum. It greatly aids in putting the entire New Testament in context for our guests. This will make people excited to go home and re-read their New Testament!

New exhibits at the Creation Museum New exhibits at the Creation Museum

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Allosaurus Exhibit 360° Virtual Tour

Get a glimpse of what your visit to the Creation Museum will be like with our 360° Virtual Tour of our popular Allosaurus fossil exhibit.

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Creation Science

Creation and Science

Learn how the Bible, the history book of the universe, provides the starting point for science.

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Bible History

Bible History

Walk through biblical history as you explore the stunning Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel. Finish your tour by watching one of our theater productions, The Last Adam.

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Creation Museum Grounds

Museum Maps

Visualize the museum grounds area with the botanical gardens and Eden Zoo and Children’s Zoo area, or see what’s inside with a downloadable interior map.

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Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden

What was it like in the Garden of Eden? Come get a glimpse of the paradise Adam and Eve enjoyed.

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Dinosaurs & Dragons

Dinosaurs & Dragons

Fearsome legends of dragons are known around the world. Do these stories provide clues about dinosaurs?

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Associated Ministries

Answers in Genesis is the parent ministry for the Creation Museum and for the following outreaches and publications:

  • Ark Encounter
    Life-size Noah’s ark in Northern Kentucky
  • Answers TV
    Live and on-demand video content from Answers in Genesis and other ministries worldwide
  • My Answers
    Digital tools and resources to make Vacation Bible School and Sunday school planning easier
  • Answers Bible Curriculum
    Chronological Bible curriculum to equip churches and homeschools
  • Answers VBS
    Trustworthy and fun Vacation Bible School curriculum
  • Answers Magazine
    A creation-based worldview magazine for the whole family
  • Answers Research Journal
    Cutting-edge creation research
  • Answers Academy
    Biblical worldview private school located in Northern Kentucky