Bible History

Forty authors writing 66 books over a span of 2,000 years wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit what we know today as the Bible. But is the Bible just a collection of moral stories or is it full of true, historical accounts? Come see how God’s Word stands up to the test of time, trials, and attacks.

Explore Bible History

Explore Bible History

At the Creation Museum you’ll journey through Genesis 1–11, encountering dozens of Bible characters and their lives. Meet Noah and his family as they build the Ark and are saved from the waters of the worldwide Flood. Find out how the biblical Flood answers questions such as “Where did fossils come from?” and “How did rock layers form?”

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Races from Babel

Different Races?

Get the biblical perspective on races and languages when you watch and listen to the account of the Tower of Babel. Where did the different cultures come from? How many races are there?

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Bible Timeline

The Bible gives us clues about how many years passed from one generation to the next or from one event to the next in history. Take a walk through the Bible timeline at the Creation Museum and see how God’s plan was revealed throughout time.

Tower of Babel

The Bible says God created the universe, earth, and everything in them in six days. How do we know if that word day really means a literal 24-hour day? Can you believe in science and believe in a young earth?