Let’s Build Animal Enrichment!

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Have you visited a zoo and wondered why there are toys in the animal exhibits? These are examples of enrichment, which is anything from items placed in an exhibit to an experience that encourages an animal to practice natural behaviors and be active in their exhibits.

As good stewards of the animals in our care, we give animals all they need to survive, from food and shelter to safety from predators. However, the animals can get bored. At Eden Animal Experience, we use enrichment to add variety and opportunities for our animals to carry out a variety of behaviors.

Join our zoo team and learn about animal behavior from a biblical perspective as well as how and why we use enrichment in the zoo. Then enjoy creating an enrichment item for the animals in Eden Animal Experience! You may even have an opportunity to see the animals receive the enrichment item you constructed!

All programs involving live animals are subject to change due to weather, availability, or unforeseen circumstances. Enrichment items made during the workshop may vary based on the needs of zoo staff. Thank you for understanding.