Invisible Properties of Air

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To make the weight for the winds . . . (Job 28:25 KJV)

The father of chemistry, Robert Boyle, stated that “God would not have made the universe as it is unless He intended us to understand it.” Boyle, a scientist who served the Creator God with his whole heart, did much during his exceptional life to increase mankind’s understanding about the invisible air that surrounds us. Another Christian pioneer of science, Blaise Pascal, built on Boyle’s work with air and coined the name “pressure” to describe “the weight of the winds” in Job 28:25.

Job 28:25 is only one example of scientific information that was revealed in the Bible long before mankind discovered or verified it through extrabiblical means. During this workshop, other examples of scientific foreknowledge will be discussed.

Also, during this interactive workshop, volunteers will be able to participate in demonstrations of air’s invisible properties and learn about some of the software that God designed into the atmosphere on day two of the creation week. Enjoy and understand the science behind fascinating demonstrations of Boyle’s Law, atmospheric pressure, Pascal’s Principle, Bernoulli’s Principle, and the Venturi Effect, all of which affirm God’s wisdom as Creator. You will also enjoy meeting our “Pentapus,” a cartesian diver who appears to obey voice commands—maybe even yours!

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Dr. George Matzko: Dr. George Matzko earned his BS degree in chemistry from Bob Jones University and his PhD in analytical chemistry from Clemson University.

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