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What to know before you visit

Fun with Fossils

Did you know that some rocks have a story to tell? They teach the true account of what happened in history, about 4,000 years ago. We call these rocks, fossils. A fossil is the evidence that something was once alive, is now dead, was preserved quickly, and has become part of the rock layers of the earth.

Did you ever wonder:

  • Why 95% of all fossils are sea creatures?
  • Why fossils are found all over the world, even on the tops of mountains and far from water?
  • What happened to preserve these life forms so they weren’t destroyed and could be fossilized?

If your child is curious about the answers to these or other fossil-related questions, then Fun with Fossils is for them! During this workshop they will learn the seven major periods of history as told to us in the Bible, using words that begin with the letter “C”. It will be demonstrated during which “C” of history fossils were formed. Your child will learn about common fossils, getting to look at and handle many examples. They’ll even get to take home some fossils as a reminder of what they’ve learned. At the end of the workshop, students make a beaded shark tooth necklace as a souvenir of their visit to the class. The bead colors will remind them of the 7 C’s of history and the shark tooth is a fossil.

Fun with Fossils is available for ages 5–12.

Private Programs

Private workshops can be booked for groups (subject to availability). The minimum group size is 35 paid participants (not including free adult observers) and the maximum is 40 participants. Maximum total group size is 80. To book your private event, please email our programs team or call 888-582-4253 ext. 229.

Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter: Ruth Carter grew up in Africa where her parents were missionaries. She and her husband coordinate the volunteer program at the Creation Museum.

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