Formed to Fly

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This workshop started with a walk through a park on the way to work and the discovery of a blue jay feather lying on the ground. Dr. Menton was testing a scanning electron microscope and used the feather as his subject. Knowing that his lab assistant owned a boa constrictor, he asked her for a shed skin and scanned it too. What he discovered was fascinating!

Evolutionists tell us that dinosaurs evolved into birds. They make this claim based on the “so-called” similarity between feathers and reptile scales. However, upon examination, no such similarity exists. When you hold feathers and reptile scales, there’s an obvious difference. The difference is even more striking when you look at them under a microscope. Scanning electron micrographs reveal stunning detail…and no similarity whatsoever.

And they are not only different structurally. The embryonic development of both is completely different. Their functions are dissimilar. The mechanisms of their replacement are dissimilar. The mechanisms of their growth are dissimilar. Their protein components are dissimilar. You get the picture: they are not similar in any way.

And feathers aren’t the only evidence that dinosaurs couldn’t have evolved into birds. The skeletal structures of the two are significantly distinct. Their leg structures are drastically different. The arrangement of their lungs leaves no doubt that they are not the same kind of animals. Come and find out how different they truly are.

Through his years of teaching, Dr. Menton gained many anecdotal tidbits and stories and loves sharing his knowledge with Creation Museum guests. This workshop is recommended for 12 years old and up, but younger budding scientists will be able to learn a lot too.

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This program is a Science Series Workshop sponsored by Bob Jones University.

Dr. David Menton: Dr. Menton has seen audiences of all ages enjoy his well-illustrated (and often humorous) presentations on a variety of fascinating topics.