Carnivorous Plants: Beasts of the Bog

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Join Ron Dudek, a carnivorous plant enthusiast, as he explores the strange world of plants that eat creatures! Imagine what the world would be like if you were the size of an insect or small animal. What dangers might be found in brightly colored, fragrant perches? What would you see as you trek through remote environs and boggy terrain?

Carnivorous Plants: Beasts of the Bog is a fascinating workshop that features a close examination of the mysterious world of carnivorous plants. You will see many examples of this exotic flora and learn about “creation gone backwards!”

Did you know that Charles Darwin was fascinated by carnivorous plants? You’ll see some of his favorite plants from a biblical perspective as you examine Venus Flytraps, Sundews, and more. Discover some carnivorous plants that look like they have teeth, and find out what they’re used for.

Do you know why most insects can’t get out of these plants? Find out the answer as you learn that not all insects are eaten by carnivorous plants. Do you know how some insects avoid becoming a meal? Is this how God designed these plants, or has something happened since Day Three of creation, when God looked at all created plants and saw that they were good? Learn the answers to these and other questions about plants that eat creatures. Join us for this fascinating journey into a mysterious realm where plants turn predator!

Ron Dudek: Ron Dudek has been fascinated with plants since age 10. He has presented his research in schools, garden clubs, nature centers, churches, and other venues.

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