Body of Evidence

Join Dr. Menton in Body of Evidence as he explores human anatomy. Using a life-size torso of the human body, Dr. Menton will demonstrate the location, and structure numerous organs. He will also display prepared slides of actual specimens to show God’s special design in organs and their function at the cellular level.

Drawing on his years of experience and knowledge, Dr. Menton will teach you amazing facts about the human body. Learn how parts of your body resemble a deflated balloon, Easter egg grass, and bubble wrap! Discover that none of us are really older than 15! Did you know we were created to live forever, but something happened to corrupt our design? Have you ever heard about the “hooks” on your tongue? And just how do dead skin cells know when to fall off? We really are miraculous creations and were truly “knit” together in our mother’s wombs. Psalm 139.

Private Workshops

Private workshops can be booked for groups (subject to availability). The minimum group size is 35 and the maximum is 90. To book your private event, please email our programs team or call 888-582-4253 ext. 229.

Dr. David Menton: Dr. Menton holds a PhD from Brown University and served as a professor at Washington University for 34 years. He retired as an associate professor emeritus and now serves with Answers in Genesis.

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Dates and Times

Aug. 3, 2021


Aug. 17, 2021


Aug. 31, 2021