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The Creation Museum Explore program has partnered with FACT: Foundation for Advancing Creation Truth (https://creationtruth.org/) to offer an exciting off-site, authentic dinosaur dig experience with hosts Tommy and Martha Lohman. This paleontological adventure takes place in eastern Montana, home of many amazing fossil finds.

The program begins on Monday afternoon and continues through Friday afternoon. Attendees might want to spend the weekend before and/or after in some of the amazing places that are located within a day’s drive of Glendive, Montana. You could visit spectacular places like Yellowstone National Park, the Black Hills, or Glacier National Park, to name a few.

Starting early to beat the heat, participants spend most of each day out in the field, arriving back at the hotel in time to wash the dirt off and put on some fresh clothes before the afternoon program. During previous digs, the teams found dinosaur bones and teeth, including some from Edmontosaurus and Triceratops. Fossil finds have also included turtle bones and shells, figs, petrified wood, and more. Everyone found something, including some souvenir fossils they were able to take home!

We hope you’ll join us for this once-in-a-lifetime family adventure

Location of the program: 139 State Street, Glendive, Montana 59330, US

Dates: July 22–26, 2024

Ages: 12 years old and up. Children ages 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult. Due to the potentially strenuous nature of the activities and prolonged periods in the heat, no children under the age of 12 are permitted to register for this event.

What to bring: For details on what to bring and wear for this event, view the checklist.

**Please keep in mind that some of the activities are contingent upon weather.

Pricing & Registration

  • Pricing to be determined.


  • July 22–26, 2024

Registration coming soon.
Price Includes:
  • All dinosaur dig activities.
  • Admission to the Glendive Museum (closed Sunday–Monday)
  • Dig site tools
  • Daily shuttle service to and from the hotel and dig site
  • Lunch (Tuesday & Thursday)
Price Does Not Include:
  • Transportation
    You are responsible for your flights and rental car. Your dig guides will meet you the morning of your dig in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot. At the end of the dig, you will be brought back to the hotel parking lot.
  • Lodging
    You are responsible for your lodging. We recommend lodging at the Holiday Inn Express, 1919 N. Merrill Avenue, Glendive, MT (406-377-3300), where a block of rooms has been reserved for this event. The Holiday Inn Express provides a complimentary breakfast buffet for the length of your stay.
  • Food
    You are responsible for all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). The only exception is the two lunches provided at the dig sites on Tuesday and Thursday. Snacks are permitted at the dig site; be prepared to carry everything up with you in a backpack or cooler (please pack out your trash). We recommend packing a salty snack in the event that you find yourself feeling light-headed. The Holiday Inn Express provides a breakfast buffet with your reservation, and the city of Glendive offers a wide variety of restaurant options for lunch and dinner.
  • Water
    We recommend at least one bottle of water per person on half-day digs and three bottles on full-day digs (extra water is a good idea). The climate and elevation can cause dehydration, especially when digging. Powdered electrolyte replacement or Gatorade may be desired on hot days.
  • Ownership of fossils
    All fossils found on the dig site property belong to the museum and may be of value to ongoing work and study. We do understand that taking home fossil souvenirs from your excavation is a special part of the experience; these will be granted at the discretion of your dig guide. A friendly reminder that since this is an authentic dig site and bones are not planted for discovery, we cannot guarantee your discovery of fossils though we will do our best to help you find them.