Explore Science at the Creation Museum This Spring

on January 27, 2022

Science is seldom presented through the lens of biblical history, giving God glory for what he has so marvelously designed, but that’s the only proper way to understand the world around us! That’s why the Creation Museum offers a series of Explore Day and Explore Jr. programs—hands-on science opportunities from a truly biblical worldview.

Our resident experts teach these programs at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. Not only will students enjoy hands-on science activities, but they’ll also discover how to interpret the evidence through the lens of the true history founded in God’s Word. And they’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from highly qualified scientists and experts who give God the glory for what he’s made.

Explore for Students Ages 11–18

Between now and the end of April, we’re offering a wide variety of Explore programs for students ages 11–18:

These programs sell out quickly, so be sure to register today. Nowhere else in the world can you find such an opportunity as this.

Explore Botany

Explore Jr. for Children Ages 5–10

If you have younger children, check out our Explore Jr. program for children aged 5–10. We’re offering five programs this season:

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for your children to learn science through the lens of a biblical worldview. Register today.

Explore Jr. Dinosaurs

Explore Opportunities for Adults and Families

After seeing how much children enjoy our Explore Days program, we’ve had many parents ask how they can get involved. We are excited to offer three Explore opportunities this spring that allow adults to join in on the fun, too!

  • Explore Fossil Hunt (April 9) for ages 12 and up: Spend the day as a family with AiG’s Dr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. Gabriela Haynes, exploring the rich fossil beds around Caesar Creek Lake (Waynesville, Ohio) and collecting fossils you can take home with you during our Explore Fossil Hunt on Saturday, April 9, 2022.
    Fossil Hunt
  • Forensic Exploration (April 29–30) for ages 18 and up: You’ve imagined what it would be like to investigate and solve a crime. Now is your chance to bring that dream to reality. In this hands-on program, led by Dr. Jennifer Rivera, you will learn how forensic scientists use unique traits that God created in every individual to determine identity.
    Forensic Investigation
  • Explore Arches (June 1) for ages 10 and up: In the beauty of Red River Gorge, you’ll discover amazing arch formations called natural bridges. With Dr. Danny Faulkner as your guide, learn how the present geology of the earth is a testament to the historical global flood described in the Bible.
    Explore Arches
  • Explore an Authentic Dinosaur Dig (July 25–29) for ages 12 and up: Join Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Jennifer Rivera, and event hosts Tommy and Martha Lohman of FACT: Foundation for Advancing Creation Truth for an authentic dinosaur dig in Glendive, Montana for an unforgettable family vacation! Starting early to beat the heat, your family will spend most of each day out in the field, arriving back at the hotel in time to wash off the dirt and put on some fresh clothes before the afternoon program.
    Dinosaur Dig

As you can see, we have an Explore opportunity for everyone in your family! We look forward to exploring science with your family at the Creation Museum this spring.