Christmas Town Crowds!

by Creation Museum on January 5, 2015

We anticipated 25,000 spread out over the eight nights of Christmas Town, but instead we got 25,880! Even with a rainy night like the final night of Christmas Town, we still ended up with 3,155! Hey, who says you can’t enjoy a live Nativity and the Garden of Lights while sheltered under an umbrella?

Christmas Town Garden of Lights

Many people have asked us about the absence of the various dramas that we had staged in the past, but truth be told, we just don’t have the parking! One might ask, “What’s parking have to do with it?” If you came this year, you probably enjoyed our new Ken and Buddy Christmas Special, which we scheduled for 4:00 PM. We wanted something fresh, but more importantly, we needed something for the family that would not keep them in one spot for too long. When you have over 5,000 guests within a four-hour time frame, you need them to not congregate. Without the dramas in Legacy Hall and out on the terrace, we were able to keep folks flowing with no long lines. The only long lines this year were the cars piling in the front gate. One night, there were so many, we had to turn people away and ask them to return in an hour or so. Several nights, we parked remotely and bused people over for free. So as you can see, we wanted to “turn” the parking lots. As much as we’d like for people to stay and enjoy themselves all evening, we needed their parking spaces for the other guests who had, in some cases, driven from great distances! Featuring a free live Nativity and dazzling lights, Christmas Town is becoming an annual tradition for families all across the region.

Christmas Town Garden of Lights Christmas Town Garden of Lights