Go Behind the Scenes at the Creation Museum

on June 22, 2023

Animals, exhibits, and attractions—oh my! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen? Now you can find out with the latest series to hit Answers TV: Behind the Experience.

Join us as we take you to places you don’t normally get to witness while visiting the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. We’ll pull back the curtain and give you a look at what goes on behind the experience!

Get a taste of what you can expect from Behind the Experience in this hilarious trailer, which features the camels from the Ararat Ridge Zoo preparing for the day’s camel rides.

The first two episodes focus on our guests’ two favorite features: the lobby aquarium and our Fearfully & Wonderfully Made exhibit.

The Lobby Aquarium

The lobby aquarium at the Creation Museum is a favorite spot for kids and adults! In the first episode of Behind the Experience, we’ll explore how our dedicated staff helps clean and maintain the aquarium and keep the environment healthy for various aquatic creatures.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Dr. David Menton was the inspiration for our Fearfully & Wonderfully Made exhibit. This exhibit is the most impactful, powerful, and unique pro-life display in the world and captures Dr. Menton’s talks and passion for this important topic. It’s a testimony to the wonder and sanctity of all human life and calls attention to biblical and scientific truths about the unborn.

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