New Exhibit Coming to the Creation Museum

on July 6, 2023

A new exhibit is coming to the Creation Museum! It’s going to be a stunning exhibit that will feature a dinosaur and teach about the rapid burial that occurred during the flood of Noah’s day. This exhibit is well underway and will be installed at the Creation Museum sometime this year.

New Dinosaur Exhibit

Concept art of the display

We praise the Lord for Answers in Genesis’ talented design team, who are working on this new addition to the Starting Points room. If you’ve visited the Creation Museum, you may have noticed a large blank wall in this area. This is where the exhibit will be installed.

  • New Dinosaur Exhibit

    The designer working on a 3D rendering of the dinosaur head that will be printed on our 3D printer

  • New Dinosaur Exhibit

    Finished 3D-printed model of the dinosaur’s head

  • New Dinosaur Exhibit

    Exhibit artist working on sculpting the dinosaur’s body

Start planning your visit to the Creation Museum today, and learn about how different worldviews shape how you see the world around you.