Facilities Update

by Creation Museum on January 20, 2006

As you have seen over the last several months, the fabrication team has been working hard on the different exhibit spaces throughout the museum. The fabricators provided an update on several of the spaces they are currently working in, along with an update on work the facilities maintenance team has been completing.

The fabrication team has been working on the café to apply a hard coat and primer on the booth walls and they are installing the remaining booth seats with hickory backs as well.

In the bookstore, cornice is being installed and the children's area divider is being fabricated. Trim is being installed around the arched windows and columns.

In the planetarium, the team is working on a catwalk that is going to be installed above the dome so that the next step of the sprinkler system can be installed.

In the lobby, the fabricators have been working on waterproofing the interiors of the display cabinets in order to prepare them for the live exhibits.

The facilities maintenance team is enjoying the new Genie lift they just received. They will no longer need to rent scaffolding (saving the ministry money) and it will help to speed up the jobs around the museum. Work on the electrical structure of the building to protect against lightning and other problems such as surges and drops is being completed as well. They are also revamping the Deck Lane house for volunteers so it will be ready for the large groups that will be arriving this spring.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.