Heads Up!

by Creation Museum on January 7, 2002

Answers in Genesis just received a generous donation of 14 shoulder mounts of African animals from friends of the ministry, Darrell and Robin Davidson of Indianapolis, IN. The collection consists of some huge and outstanding specimens, including professionally mounted animals such as a huge Cape Buffalo, Greater Kudu, and a beautiful Wildebeest. One can see God’s wonderful creativity displayed even by looking at just the horns of these amazing animals: some are curly and long, some are spiraled, some have rings, but each species is different; and they are all beautiful. What an awesome God—He deserves glory both for His incredible creative work we see in these animals and throughout the world and for His provision for the museum through supporters who give so generously!

Volunteer Highlights

The ministry has been blessed with so many volunteers that this is becoming a regular feature in the weekly web updates, and we still haven’t told you about all of the volunteers and teams who served in 2001! Many of the past articles have highlighted the mission teams that have come as church groups or families for short-term service. Answers in Genesis is also extremely thankful for the faithful servants who come week after week to help the ministry.

Three very special volunteers, known around the office as the “Three Amigos” have served every week for five years! The AiG-US staff recently grieved the loss of one of the “Three Amigos”, Al Barbieux. We know that he is now with the Lord and we will see him again, but for now we will certainly miss him. Al and his friends Dick Sauer and Art Hunsicker have come willing to do many tasks, including putting together book packs, shredding old paperwork, preparing mailings, packaging books for shipping, and virtually anything we ask them to do! Faithful workers like Al, Dick and Art are hard to find, and we have appreciated the many hours they have contributed.

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