Something New

by Creation Museum on April 27, 2015

Last spring when we introduced our latest exhibit Facing the Allosaurus, you may have wondered what was eliminated to create the space for the exhibit. Where the Allosaur now stands there was a mural of a floating forest. The mural was moved to a previous wall that had a Bible verse and a flat panel on it. So as you know, things are always changing around the Creation Museum. It might be time to plan your next visit as we’ve probably added something since your last visit.

Floating Forest

Just this past week we installed some new signs and exhibits in front of the floating forest mural in the Flood Geology room. These signs illuminate the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics model to show how the pre-Flood world may have been covered by water. You can also see examples of some of the fossils formed during the Flood.

Floating Forest Floating Forest Floating Forest

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