What’s So Awesome About Space?

by Creation Museum on July 4, 2024

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the recent images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have written a novel declaring how awesome space really is. They have brought the wonder of space into the hearts of so many people and revealed the beauty and incredible detail that exists out there.

From the images of the JWST to exciting space missions and the beginnings of space tourism, things beyond our atmosphere are heating up!

At the Creation Museum, our Stargazer Planetarium brings the universe within reach using laser projectors that display strikingly realistic images on a 30-meter-diameter tilted dome. These add-on experiences are a great way to see and enjoy another part of God’s created world.

Stargazer Planetarium

During our Created Cosmos show, you can visit nebulae, galaxies, and more. Or get answers to questions about extraterrestrial life with the show Aliens: Fact or Fiction?

Stargazer Planetarium

3, 2, 1 . . . Blast Off!

Among the crew on the historic voyage of Boeing’s Starliner is a friend of ours—Captain Barry “Butch” Wilmore, a Christian and a biblical creationist! And Captain Wilmore isn’t just on board—he is commanding this historic flight!

We wanted to share two videos from Captain Wilmore with you. This first video is a short clip from the Starliner, showing him shining a light out the window of the capsule.

And we thought you’d also enjoy this video of a short clip that was played on the buses bringing people to watch the launch. In it, you’ll see Captain Wilmore sharing the message of the gospel with everyone (please note this video represents his own views and not NASA’s).

Many months ago at his request, we sent him a variety of Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and Answers in Genesis apparel, which were then sent to the ISS to wait for him. He put on the apparel and took photos. Wow! AiG, the Ark, and the museum were represented in outer space!

New Kids Resource About Space

Space has long captured the imaginations of children, and they are often filled with almost-endless questions on the mysteries of our galaxy and beyond. AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner partnered with Mark Wainwright to create a new book for kids, Awesome Facts About Space.

This is a great resource that will engage and captivate children as they learn more about the universe and discover answers to questions that are out of this world!

Awesome Facts About Space is now available for preorder.

Learn more about God’s amazing creation during your visit to the Creation Museum and preorder your copy of Awesome Facts About Space today!