Stargazer’s Night FAQ

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Q: Does my Stargazer’s Night registration include entrance to the Creation Museum?
A: No. Stargazer’s Night registration does not include admission to the Creation Museum.

Q: Can I bring children under the minimum age?
A: No, children must be at least 6 years of age to attend.

Q: Can I purchase a ticket for children under the minimum age?
A: No. Due to the rigorous content and complexity of activities, attendees need to be a minimum age of 6 years old by the date of the program.

Q: Can I transfer my registration to another Stargazer’s Night?
A: Unfortunately, our system does not allow us to transfer registrations. If your request is made 3 days or more before the program for which you are registered, we would be happy to refund your registration, allowing you to re-register for a Stargazer’s Night of your choice. For refunds, please contact Reservations at (800) 721-2298.

Q: We are unable to attend the Stargazer’s Night for which we registered. Can I have a refund?
A: We are happy to refund any Stargazer’s Night registrations at least 3 days before the date of the program. Due to the amount of preparation that each night necessitates, we are unable to provide refunds within 3 days of the program date. For refunds, please contact Reservations at (800) 721-2298.

Q: Will we be going outside?
A: Stargazer’s Night programs include an astronomy-themed devotional, Stargazer’s Night- exclusive planetarium show, and night sky viewing outside at the observatory. In case of inclement weather, Astronomy Live will be presented in lieu of the outside activities.

For more information about this program, or if you have any questions, please email the programs team.