Family Christmas Concert with the Woodsmen Quartet

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For 25 years, Tim Woods, his four sisters and Mom traveled as the Singing Woods Family. Years later, he put together a male quartet to continue to uplift Christ, to show joy and love, and to bring honor to his Holy name.

The Woodsmen Quartet has shared the platform with the best in gospel music, such as, The Gold City, The Kingsmen, Signature Sound, Dixie Melody Boys, and Dove Brothers, and they have also been featured on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention.

The Woodsmen have and all-star lineup. Jim Hutson has sung southern gospel music for a while and is one of best lead singers in the business. He was the very first baritone to ever sing with the Woodsmen and is also the brother of Bryan Hutson, known for his career with the Kingsmen and the Soul’d Out Quartet. Daniel Rivera is no stranger to Southern Gospel music. Having sung with the legendary Toney Brothers, Blackwood Legacy, Promise, and the 3rd Row Boys, Daniel brings a young but energetic spirit to the group! Tim Woods is the owner and baritone for the Woodsmen and he has the music in his genes! He is what makes the group and without him, the group wouldn’t exist. Steve Waggoner is one of the lowest bass singers in the business and brings his musical ear and his musical expertise. Steve has been with the group for over five years.

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The Woodsmen Quartet: The Woodsmen love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and for them, as always, it all starts with a song.