Camel Rides

As you visit the Creation Museum’s Eden Zoo and petting zoo area, take the opportunity to experience a camel ride! Gomer and CJ, our friendly dromedary camels, are often available to give you a ride.

Unique Experience

Riding a camel is quite different from riding a horse, the most obvious difference being the hump. But the hump is not the only difference! A camel’s height and special gait make camel riding a whole new experience.

When Can You Ride?

Check our online event calendar to see whether rides are scheduled for a particular day. The times when rides are offered vary, so be sure to check with a daily schedule or staff member.

How Much Does it Cost?

Tickets are $5 per rider and can be purchased at Eden Zoo and petting zoo are. Price includes 6% Kentucky sales tax.

Camel Ride Policies

The maximum total weight of all riders is 250 pounds. Because weight distribution is important, low-weight riders can ride in front of the hump while others ride behind it. Because the safety of our guests is very important, all rides are subject to the discretion of the camel handler. The minimum height for a rider is 36 inches.