Animal Encounters

Get an up-close look at some of God’s incredible creatures at the Creation Museum’s live animal encounters! Each animal encounter features a variety of small animals and is led by our knowledgeable zoo staff. You’ll learn about created kinds, habitats, and the role that each animal plays within its natural habitat. Please check your daily schedule for animal encounter locations.

These animal encounters offer a unique opportunity to see some amazing creatures from our collection that are not normally on display in the Eden Animal Experience.

All programs involving live animals are subject to change due to weather, availability, or unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for understanding.

Amazing Animals

Come meet some incredible creatures from around the world up close and learn about God's design in the animal kingdom!

Creepy Crawlies

Insects and spiders and snakes, oh my! Come learn why some of the world’s creepy crawly animals really aren’t so scary after all!

Creatures of the Night

Some of the most amazing animals in the world are only awake at night. Meet some unique nocturnal creatures during this show.


Shells, spines, and scary sounds. Why did God create animals with these methods of defense? Meet some of these animals and discover the answer!

Desert Dwellers

One of the world’s most inhospitable habitats is actually home to a wide variety of wildlife! Come meet animals that enjoy sun and sand!

Fauna of the Forest

From those living under fallen logs to high up in the leaves of trees, many animals call the forests of the world home! Meet some animals of the woods during this program.


Tortoises and lizards and snakes, oh my! Come meet a variety of scaly creatures and learn about their amazing adaptations!

Teeth and Claws

Have you wondered why God created animals to have sharp teeth and claws, or why some animals today have spines and shells? Come meet some of these animals and get those questions answered during this animal encounter.

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