Animal Encounters

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You never know what amazing animal ambassadors you’ll meet during our FREE live animal encounters!

Zookeeper holding lizard for kid to pet

What Time Are the Animal Encounters?

Showtimes vary by season, so when you arrive, check your daily schedules to find the day’s show themes, times, and locations. Shows last approximately 20 minutes.

Methuselah the African Spurred Tortoise

What Animals Will I See?

Our animal ambassador collection includes a variety of invertebrates, reptiles, and exotic mammals, so you never know what critters you’ll meet! Every show is different. Check your daily schedules to see what theme interests you the most or come to them all! All programs are subject to change due to weather, availability, or unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for understanding.

Can I Touch the Animals?

Touching is at the discretion of our zoo staff, but you are always welcome to take as many photos as you’d like! Staff will walk many of the animals around the audience so you can see them face to face.

What Types of Animal Encounters Are There?

Amazing Animals

Come meet some incredible creatures from around the world up close and learn about God's design in the animal kingdom!

Dynamic Design

Why did a loving God design animals with claws, fangs, shells, spines, or toxins? Meet some hunters and defenders to discover the answer!

What Kind is That?

How did Noah fit the animals on the ark? How is an animal kind different than a species? Meet some animals and learn the answers!

Wild Wonders

God made humans in his image and called us to be good stewards of creation. Encounter amazing animals to learn how we can glorify God by caring for pets and wildlife.

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