New Forensic Exploration Opportunity Coming to the Creation Museum

on January 13, 2022

Have you ever wanted to be a detective and solve crimes? If so, join us for Forensic Exploration, April 29–30, 2022, at the Creation Museum. In this hands-on program designed specifically for adults, you’ll learn how forensic scientists use unique traits that God created in every individual to determine identity. It’s going to be a fascinating experience! AiG’s trained forensic scientist, Dr. Jennifer Rivera, loves using her skills to teach people to have a consistent biblical worldview.

Forensic Exploration

Forensic Exploration for Adults

Forensic Exploration begins Friday evening and continues all day Saturday. You’ll learn about the two types of science (historical and observational) as you collect, examine, and analyze evidence to reconstruct an event that happened in the past as you participate in an immersive criminal investigation.

Forensic Investigation

You’ll explore:

  • Fingerprint identification, comparison, and processing
  • Trace analysis
  • Impressions
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • Document examination
  • Eyewitness testimony

This is truly a unique opportunity for anyone 18 years old and older! It’s sure to sell out quickly, so register today and enjoy a 10% early bird discount when you register before midnight on March 4, 2022. Registration includes a snack and coffee bar for both days, lunch on Saturday, and the cost of parking.

Explore Opportunities for Children

If you have children who would love a forensic experience, consider our Explore Days program for students ages 11–18 (forensics is the topic on March 23, 2022), Explore Jr. for children ages 5–10 (forensics is the topic on April 6, 2022), or Explore Forensic Science 5-Day Summer Camp, June 27–July 1, 2022, for students 11–18 years old.

Explore Forensic

Learn more about these opportunities and more by visiting our Explore Days page, and be sure to register early to save your seat.