New Additions at the Eden Zoo

by Creation Museum on June 27, 2019

Last summer, we welcomed Boomer, a Bennett’s wallaby, to the Eden Zoo. And, this summer, we are excited to introduce you to our newest additions! Meet our new animals and find out how you can learn more about our animals below.

BamBam—Bennett’s Wallaby Joey

The newest addition to our wallaby mob here at the Creation Museum is BamBam! He is a six-month-old Bennett's wallaby joey and is currently 9 pounds of pure cuteness.

BamBam the Wallaby at the Eden Zoo

BamBam and Boomer are currently getting used to each other. You might get an opportunity to meet them during your next visit to the Eden Zoo or inside the museum during one of our Animal Encounters!

8 Malaysian Serama Chicks

Our adorable new Malaysian Serama chicks are now on exhibit at the Eden Zoo! These eight chicks were hatched around Easter to the museum’s two Malaysian Serama hens, Wanda, and Miss Frizzle.

Malaysian Serama Chicks at the Eden Zoo

As they grow up, they'll be able to interact with guests more in the petting area of the zoo! Each of the babies has been named after chocolate treats: KitKat, Snickers, Twix, Rolo, Hershey, Dove, Cookie, and Tootsie.