Compare These 5 Then and Now Photos

by Creation Museum on May 11, 2017

If you have been following our Throwback Thursday blog series celebrating the Creation Museum’s 10th anniversary, you know that we started with a look at some of our old photographs. We also learned through videos how the museum came together and searched for hidden exhibit details.

This week, we want to compare some of our old photos of the museum, its exhibits, and events with what they look like today. See the difference between then and now with these five image sliders below!

Creation Museum Grounds

Here is an early aerial view of the Creation Museum grounds during construction and what the museum looks like from this unique angle now. Quite different, isn’t it?

Aerial View During Construction Aerial View Now

Creation Museum Grand Plaza

The grand plaza sure has come a long way since the first picture below was taken. This is a favorite photo stop for our guests. Have you had your picture taken in front of our Saltasaurus?

Museum Grand Plaza During Construction Current Grand Plaza

Noah's Café

When you visit the Creation Museum, you might grab a bite to eat in Noah's Café. The café has expanded since the museum opened. The deck/patio that had been outside is now indoor, and an additional deck was added outdoor. Check out what this popular dining spot looked like while the museum was being built!

Noah's Cafe During Construction Current Noah's Cafe

Corruption Valley: Adam and Eve’s House

As you walk through Corruption Valley, you will learn more about the origins of conflict, poisons, burdensome work, and suffering. In front of Adam and Eve’s house, you’ll find out where Cain got his wife. See what this exhibit looked like when it was under construction and how it looks today!

Adam's House During Construction Adam’s House Now

Museum During Christmas Town

The Creation Museum takes on a whole new look during our popular Christmas Town event each year. Check out what the gardens and museum look like under the lights, and compare it to a recent picture from this spot below.

Lake During Spring Lake During Christmas Town

Plan your trip to the Creation Museum to see what it looks like today. Share your favorite photos from your visit with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #creationmuseum, and you might see one featured in a future blog!