Reflecting on the Creation Museum’s Beginnings

by Creation Museum on April 27, 2017

Last week, we began our Throwback Thursday blog series as we prepare to celebrate the Creation Museum’s 10th anniversary. As we searched through our photo archive, we also came across an old video that explains the backstory for the museum and exhibits. Learn more about how all of the pieces for the Creation Museum came together in these four throwback videos!

Creation Museum 10th Anniversary

The Museum’s Story

Ken Ham, president and CEO of our parent ministry Answers in Genesis, discusses the beginning of the Creation Museum and its location in the video below.

Patrick Marsh’s Story

The Creation Museum project was blessed with the addition of Patrick Marsh in 2001. Patrick, AiG’s vice president of attraction designs, is a world-renowned art director who designed the Jaws and King Kong attractions at Universal Studios in Florida.

Buddy Davis’ Story

Buddy Davis is a speaker, singer/songwriter, adventurer, and paleo-artist. In addition to his Dino Den at the Creation Museum, he also leads very popular workshops, concerts, and the Family Dinosaur Tour. Hear how he got connected with Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum below!

The Exhibits' Design Story

In this video, watch as Patrick Marsh and Ken Ham explain the process used in planning the different exhibits you will see as you walk through the Seven C’s of History.

Plan your trip today to see what the Creation Museum and our exhibits look like now, and check out our events calendar to see if you can catch one of Buddy Davis’ concerts, workshops, or tours! Be sure to keep an eye on the Creation Museum blog and our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for more Throwback Thursday posts.