An Exhibit That Speaks Volumes

by Creation Museum on March 3, 2015

As guests to the Creation Museum quickly learn from a visit to the Walk Though History portion of the museum, if they have questions, we have answers! In fact, we have many questions and answers that they have not even thought about.

Take, for instance, the room where we discuss Babel and how God confounded men’s language, thus forcing them to scatter abroad upon the face of the earth.

Babel Video

In that same exhibit area it discusses the fact that although there are different languages and different nations as a result of Babel, we are all of one race. We are all descendants of the three sons of Noah.

Babel Explains Our Differences

This exhibit also deals with the topic, “Who’s your brother?” and compares human reason down through the ages to what God’s Word teaches in Acts 17:26 that we are all of one blood. In one room at the Creation Museum you can get answers to what it would take several chapters in a social studies textbook to try to explain without divine intervention.

Who's Your Brother?

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