History of the Bible

Forty authors, writing over 2,000 years, spoke the same message. Scrolls discovered in the last century confirm that the original words have been preserved. Archaeology has repeatedly confirmed that the Bible’s historical details are accurate. Above all, the God of truth, the Creator of heaven and earth, inspired the men who penned the words for us to learn of Him. God’s Word offers hope.

Bible Under Attack

The Bible Endures Attack

Throughout the Bible’s history, people have tried to question, destroy, discredit, and replace the Scriptures, but God has preserved His Word. In our day and age, the focus of the attack on the Scriptures is to question the biblical timeline.

Martin Luther

History of the Canonized Bible

At the Creation Museum, you’ll encounter the early church fathers’ views on the authority of the Bible and the age of the earth, and you’ll see how God has preserved His Word, despite attack, throughout time. God’s Word is the biggest bestseller of all time!

God’s Word Through Prophets and Apostles

The Old Testament is God’s Word given to us through prophets like Isaiah (who foretold specific details about God’s promised Messiah) and Moses (who gave Israel the first five books of the Bible). The New Testament is God’s Word given through apostles like John (one of Jesus’ inner circle of disciples) and Paul (who became a believer when the resurrected Christ appeared to him).