Children’s Zoo

Eden Animal Experience and Children’s Zoo will be temporarily closed for upgrades beginning January 3, 2024, and reopening in summer 2024. Check back for exciting updates! We have plenty more experiences for you at the Creation Museum. Plan your visit now!

Come and play with our friendly goat herd for FREE! You’ll be delighted by their antics!


When Is the Children’s Zoo Open?

Children’s Zoo times vary by season but are posted in front of the zoo entrances. You may also check with a zoo staff member to learn the day’s times. Be aware that the Children’s Zoo will close during inclement weather.

Guests petting goat.

Can I Touch the Goats?

Yes! We allow guests to touch the goats in our Children’s Zoo, but we ask that parents always supervise their children. Zoo staff are always present to ensure animal interactions are safe and respectful.

Guests petting goats.

What Goat Breeds Do You Have?

Overall, we have a mixture of LaMancha, Nigerian dwarf, Nubian, and pygmy goats, but some are mixed-breed rescues. The boys have blue collars, and the girls have pink collars. They all have their names on their collars.