Dragons, Big Bugs, and Bibles

Three striking new exhibits are opening this Memorial Day weekend at the Creation Museum as part of the popular attraction’s sixth anniversary and expansion.

The following 1:20 video demonstrates that museum officials have determined not to allow their museum to become stagnant. They are encouraging their 1.8 million visitors to make a return visit to see the following world-class exhibits:

  • a large and spectacular “Dragon Legends” exhibit that will, among other topics, answer the question, “Were dinosaurs dragons?”
  • a high-tech insect display called “Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium” (which rivals the quality of the Smithsonian’s insect collection)
  • and the recent placement of over 20 rare Bibles and Bible-related artifacts, a part of the famed Green Collection’s Verbum Domini selection of valuable items.

In addition to a major billboard campaign that has just launched to announce the new dragon exhibit, much more is happening at the Creation Museum this summer.

Dragon Billboard
  • The opening of the biggest and best zip line course in the region will occur June 20, with over 20 zip lines (12,000 feet total). The zip lines run from near the museum’s entrance, across a lake, and then head into dozens of acres of beautiful forested property.
  • An expanded petting zoo with even more animals for young and old to enjoy
  • In July, the museum’s popular planetarium will debut its latest production, Fires in the Sky, which will discuss comets (including a major one that will appear in the sky this December).
  • The 1,000-seat Legacy Hall will play host to a variety of events. Next door new lab workshops will be held using powerful microscopes, led by Ivy League-educated researcher, Dr. David Menton.
The Creation Museum in northern Kentucky (near the Cincinnati Airport) is an outreach of the apologetics organization of Answers in Genesis. The website has been voted “Best Ministry Website” two times, as determined by the National Religious Broadcasters (the site attracts over 1 million web visitors a month). Its Answers magazine has twice picked up the highest award for magazine excellence by the Evangelical Press Association. AiG will soon be building a full-size Noah’s Ark; see The museum site is

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