Explore Days FAQ

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Q: Can I observe the class my child is attending?
A: Due to the popularity of the program and classroom size, we are unfortunately not able to accommodate observers.

Q: I’ve traveled a long way for my child to attend. What can I do during the day while my child is in class?
A: Many people enjoy touring the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter and visiting other attractions in the area. Others choose to work from a local coffee shop or nearby library.

Q: Can I transfer my child’s registration to another Explore Day?
A: Unfortunately, our system does not allow us to transfer registrations. If your request is made 21 days or more before the program for which you are registered, we would be happy to refund your registration, allowing you to re-register for the Explore Day of your choice. For refunds please contact us.

Q: We are unable to attend the Explore Day for which we registered. Can I have a refund?
A: We are happy to refund any Explore registrations if your request is made at least 21 days before the date of the program. Due to the amount of preparation that each day necessitates, we are unable to provide refunds within 21 days of the program date. For refunds please contact us.

Q: Registration on the website is closed. Can you put me on the waiting list? Will you open additional seats for a sold-out Explore Day?
A: As we receive so few cancellations, we have not found a need to create a waiting list. Due to classroom size, we are unable to open additional seats for Explore Days.

Q: How are Explore Days structured?
A: Each day consists of four programs and a lunch break. Every program includes a hands-on lab or project to assist the children in applying or reviewing what they have learned. Children are in groups of 10, with at least one leader per group to assist and guide them throughout the day.

Q: Is lunch provided?
A: Lunch is not provided; you do, however, have the option to purchase a meal voucher redeemable at our café as part of registration.

Q: Explore Days encompass a wide range of grades (6–12). How do you challenge the older students while keeping the younger students engaged?
A: All students receive the same instruction but are given varying degrees of assistance during the hands-on activities. Older students are often given an additional challenge assignment or are encouraged to take the assignment to the next level.

Q: How are the children grouped during Explore Days? Can my children in different grades stay together?
A: Teams are separated by grade which allows us to academically challenge each group appropriately. However, there is often some overlap. There is a space on the registration form for you to request specific children be assigned the same group. While we cannot guarantee they will be together, we do our best to accommodate these requests. In situations where there is a large age gap in the request, the older child will be grouped with the younger child.

Q: Can my child ride the shuttle from the parking lot to the museum by themselves?
A: No. An adult must accompany all Explore students to the classroom and sign them in.

Q: My child attended last school year’s Explore Days. Does this year’s program offer different content than last year’s?
A: While there will be similarities in content from year to year, Explore Day curriculums are on a 4-year rotation, giving students a look at a different facet of each topic each year.

Q: My homeschool group would like to bring a group of students to an Explore Day. Do you have a group rate?
A: We do not offer group rates for our regularly scheduled public Explore Days. If you have 25 or more students interested in a particular Explore Day, please contact us at [email protected] for more information on scheduling a private event for your group!