Breathtaking Butterflies & Metamorphosis

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Join naturalist Ron Dudek for a fascinating adventure in “Breathtaking Butterflies and Metamorphosis.” In this interactive, informative, and entertaining presentation participants will explore the intricacies and wonders of God’s design in these most beautiful and amazing creatures. Have you ever pondered how the gentle butterflies fluttering about your garden reproduce, find food, or evade predators? Is there a difference between a chrysalis and a cocoon? And did you know millions of tropical butterflies annually migrate between Mexico and Canada?

Breathtaking Butterflies and Metamorphosis is a captivating workshop where you’ll discover God’s plan for metamorphosis through the life-cycle of the butterfly. You’ll examine the intricate and astonishing process that takes place within the body of a caterpillar, resulting in the transformation to butterfly. Did you know metamorphosis is also a process God expects from us? Participants will see how the lowly worm-like caterpillar demonstrates the Christian transformation as we “put off our old man.” Discover God’s plan for beauty in the lives of those who choose to undergo His metamorphosis.

This program is a Science Series Workshop sponsored by Bob Jones University.