Family Dinosaur Tour

Tour Tickets


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Tickets for this tour are available from Guest Services on arrival.

The Creation Museum is full of dinosaurs!

Families can join Buddy Davis on a guided tour of the Creation Museum as he shares his knowledge of dinosaurs. Of course, there’s a lot that we don’t know about dinosaurs—like skin color—because we’ve never seen a living one, and fossils don’t come with tags. Buddy will explain that what we think we know about dinosaurs depends on our interpretation of “fossil facts” and our worldview.

He’ll also tell you how he designs, forms, and finishes his dinosaur sculptures. Just ask him how he placed the wrinkles on his T. rex! Speaking of asking, you’ll have a chance to pick his brain during a question time at the end of the tour. This tour is fun for all ages as you learn about the Creation Museum dinosaurs “on tour” with Buddy Davis.

Tour participants wear an audio device enabling them to easily hear the speaker. If you would like to participate in one of our tours and desire an ASL interpreter, please contact us a least one month in advance so that we can make arrangements to meet your need.

Tickets are just $6.00 for age five and up. Children under age five are free but will not receive an audio device. If you wish for your young child to have their own audio device, a ticket will need to be purchased for them as well. Reserve your tickets by calling Reservations at 800-721-2298. Members and passholders receive a 10% discount.

Private Tour

Would you like to participate in A Closer Look tour but are not able to make it to a regularly scheduled event? Special presentations are available with advance notice (subject to availability). We can accommodate groups of 10 to 20. Museum admission is not included in the tour cost--you must purchase general admission tickets or use membership passes in order to participate in the tour.


Contact the programs coordinator via e-mail or phone at 1-888-582-4253 ext 210. A $25 deposit is required upon booking (must be booked at least one month in advance).

Price: $6.00 per person
Groups size: minimum of 10, maximum of 20
Please see this PDF to learn about payment, cancellation, and rescheduling policies for this event.
*prices do not include 6% Kentucky sales tax