Georgia Purdom

The Genetics of Adam and Eve with Dr. Georgia Purdom

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One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether or not Adam and Eve were real people. Sadly, many Christian theologians and scientists believe that genetics has disproven the existence of an original couple specially created by God. In addition to accommodate a non-literal Adam and Eve, many have begun to redefine sin and salvation. In this presentation we will explore both the theological importance of Adam and Eve to the gospel and how the science of genetics supports and is consistent with the fact that all humans have descended from an original couple created by God as described in Genesis.

This event is free with paid museum admission or museum membership. Seating is first come, first served.

Dr. Georgia Purdom: Dr. Georgia Purdom is the first female PhD scientist engaged in full-time research and speaking on the book of Genesis for a creationist organization.

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