Gabriela Haynes

Creation vs. Evolution: Does Worldview Impact How We Interpret the Evidence? (with Dr. Gabriela Haynes)

Our worldview is a set of beliefs that we use to interpret the world around us. So, the debate between creation and evolution is not about evidence but about how our worldview impacts our understanding of the evidence. In this lecture we will analyze the set of beliefs behind evolution and separate what it is fact and what is interpretation.

This event is free with paid museum admission or Museum membership. Seating is first come, first served.

Dr. Gabriela Haynes: Dr. Haynes earned her PhD in Geology/Paleontology from the Federal University of Ceará State in Brazil. She serves in Answers in Genesis’ Research Department.

Dates and Times

Sept. 27, 2021


Oct. 4, 2021


Oct. 18, 2021