Joe Owen

Creation vs. Evolution: Why It Matters in a Postmodern World

Why is the book of Genesis, especially the first 11 chapters, treated by so many today as myth or allegory? Does it really matter how we approach the first book of the Bible? The postmodernity that has influenced the minds of so many “conservative” Christians today finds itself at odds with the historicity of Genesis 1-11. Can we simply treat the Bible’s first chapters as a “secondary” issue? Many try, but that has raised a generation of unbelievers in the truthfulness of the whole of Scripture. In this presentation, we will learn how every Christian doctrine, directly or indirectly, is based on the first chapters in Genesis.

This event is free with paid museum admission or museum membership. Seating is first come, first served.

Joe Owen: Joseph Owen is the Spanish Ministry Manager for AiG. He has spoken throughout Latin America and coauthored Una Sola Raza, Una Sola Sangre with Ken Ham.