Bryan Osborne

The Age of the Earth: Thousands or Millions? (with Bryan Osborne)

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Thousands or billions, does it really matter? Haven’t scientists proved the universe is billions of years old? So why not just squeeze billions of years into the Bible? God can do anything right, maybe He used billions of years. Besides, isn’t it just a side issue and unrelated the gospel message?

As it turns out, the debate over the age of the earth is a battle between man’s ideas and God’s Word. Come and discover how the “Age of the Earth” issue is inextricably linked to the authority of Scripture and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This event is free with paid museum admission or museum membership. Seating is first come, first served.

Bryan Osborne: For 13 years Bryan taught Bible history in a public school, and for nearly 20 years he has been teaching Christians to defend their faith.

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Dates and Times

June 26, 2024