Meet Ebenezer the Allosaurus at the Creation Museum

on May 11, 2023

As you walk through the Flood Geology exhibit at the Creation Museum, you’ll get to meet Ebenezer, our Allosaurus!


The name Allosaurus means “other lizard.” Allosaurus belongs to the suborder of dinosaurs that contains theropods, meaning “beast feet.” While not as well-known as the larger theropod, Tyrannosaurus, the Allosaurus also seems to have been a formidable, carnivorous dinosaur.

Theropod and Allosaurus are the scientific names for this dinosaur that give us information about him, but he also has been given a personal pet name to distinguish him from other Allosaurus skeletons found elsewhere.

How Did He Get His Name?

Our Ebenezer isn’t named after the miserly character found in Charles Dickens’s well-known tale, A Christmas Carol. Instead, his name comes from the Bible. In 1 Samuel 7, God rescued the Israelites from the terror of the Philistine army. Afterward, the prophet Samuel set up a rock to remember God’s help and called it “Ebenezer,” which means “the stone of help.”


Some of the people involved in excavating this dinosaur named him Ebenezer because they saw him as a reminder of God’s judgment of the world and how he preserved mankind and animal kinds on Noah’s ark.

When you visit the Creation Museum, learn what happened to Ebenezer and all the other dinosaurs from a biblical worldview. Start planning your trip today!