The Creation Museum is Groaning, and We Need Your Help!

on October 14, 2021

Exciting upgrades and expansions are coming soon to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter! These are necessary to accommodate, better serve, and reach the thousands of families pouring in daily. Learn more about our plans for the Creation Museum and how you can help impact lives for years to come below.

Our “Problem”

The summer of 2021 has been such a blessing to us. The Creation Museum has been bustling all summer—and we’re projecting that the year ahead will be even busier. So many people are hearing the gospel and learning about the authority of God’s Word every day. But that’s a “problem” (and it’s a good “problem” to have)!

Guests at the Creation Museum

So what’s the groaning problem at the Creation Museum? Over the years, we’ve upgraded, replaced, and repaired many aspects of the museum. But we now need some major work done in two areas.

When we first opened, we didn’t have an auditorium. So after a couple of years, we converted our warehouse into our Legacy Hall auditorium. When we first did this, I told our staff that we wanted to wear this auditorium out for the Lord and use it to the max for teaching and other programs to equip people of all ages.

Guests in Legacy Hall

Well, we’ve done that, and the sound system, projection system, and so forth are nearly all worn out. The technology is difficult to get parts for, and we are filling its capacity on many days. So until we can build a much larger auditorium (part of our future vision), we need to totally refurbish this space.

The second area that is wearing out is our animal experience and petting zoo facility. Our zoo staff teach about these animals from a biblical worldview for many programs throughout the year. But it’s at the end of its life, and we must replace it soon.

Creation Museum Aerial View

Our Solution

We are planning to refurbish and expand Legacy Hall, which is a vital teaching center at the Creation Museum. Our plans are to turn the seating configuration 90 degrees, knock out some walls, and put in a new projection and sound system. One of the most important functions we have as a ministry is teaching God’s Word daily to individuals and families through various programs. Legacy Hall is needed for this at the Creation Museum.

  • Legacy Hall Plans
  • Legacy Hall Plans

We plan to construct an Eden Teaching Center, which will consist of a new animal facility along with a conservatory and associated greenhouses (including a butterfly house) to exhibit the plants of the Bible. This will enable us to help distribute the crowds and focus even more teaching on God’s Word.

  • Eden Teaching Center Plans
  • Eden Teaching Center Plans
  • Eden Teaching Center Plans
  • Eden Teaching Center Plans

The Eden Teaching Center will also include a classroom for biblical-worldview botanical workshops and a fun, interactive dig site where kids can dig up dinosaur fossils. One of the greenhouses will specialize in hydroponics that will be used to provide food for the petting zoo animals—this will also be part of our educational programming for all ages.

With the Eden Teaching Center, we will also build an admissions building and welcome center at the Creation Museum entrance (where we currently use a temporary building).

Creation Museum Welcome Center Plan

How You Can Help—Our Biggest Matching-Gift Offer Ever!

All of this will need a lot of funding, but as usual, a significant amount of the work is done in-house, keeping costs down. This will be our biggest end-of-year fundraising challenge ever. The total amount will be $17 million with an $8.5 million matching challenge.

We are asking our supporters to consider contributing toward these projects to help us get these exciting projects underway.

Your investment in this ministry has resulted in great (and increasing) spiritual impact on tens of millions of people. And we are again asking God’s people to help us reach even more people with the most vital message in the entire universe—the message of the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

Thank you for helping us get these exciting projects underway. God is blessing this ministry in amazing ways!