Register for the Creation College Expo at the Ark

on August 20, 2021

If you’re the parent of an upper middle school or high school student, mark these dates on your calendar—November 4–6, 2021. Those three days, the annual Creation College Expo will be happening at the Ark Encounter!

Visit One-on-One with Representatives

Students can visit one-on-one with representatives from Christian institutions across America that hold to biblical authority and young-earth creation. Such schools are rare, so having many of them gathered in one area is a unique experience to help you make decisions about education after high school.

Family at Creation College Expo

You’ll also enjoy presentations from our founder and CEO, Ken Ham; paleontologist Dr. Gabriela Haynes; Bryan Osborne; and AiG-Canada’s Calvin Smith and Patricia Engler. Students will learn how to think critically, affirm the Bible with science, build a biblical worldview, and more.

Ken Ham Speaking at Creation College Expo

Additional Perks

In addition to free Ark Encounter admission for students attending the Creation College Expo (immediate family members receive a 20% discount), students and their families will also receive a 20% discount on admission to the Creation Museum!

Borderland Exhibit at the Creation Museum

Register for Free Today

While this event is free, we ask that you please register so we can prepare for your visit. Register today at