Fall Enrichment at the Eden Zoo

by Creation Museum on October 22, 2020

Our staff at the Eden Zoo at the Creation Museum loves to incorporate aspects of each season into enrichment activities for our animals. The fall months are no different.

Enrichment is anything from items placed in an exhibit to an experience that encourages an animal to practice natural behaviors and be active in their exhibits. Most of our animals receive some form of enrichment every day, but our staff varies the type and times each day so these activities do not become expected and monotonous for the animals. This helps the enrichment continue to be fun for them!

See how our animals are enjoying some of our favorite aspects of fall this year through these photos below!


It’s pumpkin season, and that means life is “gourd” for our Eden Zoo critters who are being spoiled with these delicious seasonal squash. Ella the miniature donkey here is chomping on her pumpkin.


Promise the miniature Hereford cow sure is having a “fab-moo-lous” fall! She had a smashing time eating these apple-stuffed pumpkins made by her zookeepers.


Sophie the white-nosed coati’s zookeepers spiced things up for her this fall by stuffing this pumpkin with delicious treats.


Zoe the zorse, the Eden Zoo’s zebra/horse hybrid, has been carving her own pumpkins this autumn season.

Hissing Cockroaches

Even the cockroaches love pumpkin season. Our zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroach colony enjoys munching on tasty squash this autumn.


Boomer the wallaby loves his willow leaves! Boughs from the trees in our beautiful botanical gardens are one of the most anticipated forms of enrichment for our zoo animals.

Goats and Sheep

Be-leaf it or not, our goat and sheep herds at the Eden Zoo love to eat crunchy leaves! Fall is their favorite time of year since those are in abundance.


Boomer can’t believe it’s already fall! Autumn means lots of fallen leaves for our Eden Zoo creatures to play in and munch on.

Keep an eye out for these fall enrichment activities at the Eden Zoo during your visit to the Creation Museum. Share your favorite pictures of our animals with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #creationmuseum.