High School Science Labs Available at the Creation Museum

by Creation Museum on July 23, 2020

The best way to foster a love of science in young people is to let them do it themselves! Science labs are a great way of doing hands-on science that inspires a lifetime of learning. But they can be tricky to do at home, especially in the high school years. That’s why we offer high school labs at the Creation Museum.

This fall we’re offering three full-year high school labs—in biology (which is already full), chemistry, and forensics. Each lab is 12 sessions with 24 labs total, and they begin in September and go through April.

Chemistry is taught by Roger Patterson, a former high school science teacher and the host of Unlocking Science (which you can find on, and forensics is taught by Dr. Jennifer Rivera, a forensic scientist.

High School Labs

Through these labs, not only are high school students learning hands-on science but also they’re learning it through the lens of a biblical worldview. They’ll discover how science confirms the Bible, how our orderly universe points to the Creator, and more.

High School Labs

Only at the Creation Museum can students experience such unique labs—let alone such labs from a Christian/creationist perspective.

Spots fill up quickly so be sure to register today. Visit our high school labs page for all the details!